Pyopp Fledge is the first adult barefoot footwear company in Indonesia. All our footwear are minimalist, with thin sole for maximum sensory feedback, wide toe box, zero drop heel, holding the feet right and flexible construction.

All designed to bring out feet's natural strength, keeping feet & body healthy and to give a nice barefoot sensation.

Words From The Expert

"Humans are born with bare feet. This means we do not need to switch to barefoot! We only have to return to what is normal and natural. Being bare is how our feet are designed to function and how they and the rest of our body function best.

Being barefoot is a long-term answer to foot health. It is not a guarantee against injury or pain, but it is a journey in understanding our body and bringing mindful awareness to our physical presence. It is never too late to return to what is good."

dr. Andy Bryant, Natural Podiatrist, Australia.

Barefoot Science

The why, the how, and the core of our mission

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