Day 01 Barefoot Sneakers - White On Gum

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Going back 11.000 years ago, we were once one of the most active creatures in the world. We hunted for food, we walked far, we ran fast, and we seek pleasure in nature. Technology has brought a lot of improvement in our lives, but also the down sides – when we talk about modern shoes. This makes the modern feet looks and functions nothing compared to the feet of our ancestors.

It’s time for us to return to our roots and let the feet function the way they should be. Day 01 Casual Barefoot Shoes are designed to embrace this ancient wisdom, to bring back our strength and natural movement.

Day 01 Casual Barefoot Shoes are designed with barefoot principles — a wide toe box, no support, a flat and flexible sole to let your feet feel and function naturally.

Befitting its name, Day 01 Casual Barefoot Shoes are designed for your everyday companion: to work, to travel, to gym, to light run, and to explore the city with freedom in mind. Made from sporty mesh & genuine leather make these shoes breathable and comfortable, allowing the feet to move freely even inside the shoes. The outsole with a flowing wave tread pattern provides natural grip to the ground while enable feet to move free.

This write could only tell a little part of the story as nothing beats the real experience. Touch, wear, and move with them! These barefoot shoes could function well if only you move.