Laju Barefoot Sneakers - White On White

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to accompany you #almostbarefoot in and out of the office


Laju, which means a companion for daily growth, symbolizes our mission. Just like the philosophy of barefoot footwear that requires long-term effort for naturally stronger feet, we hope that Barefooters who wears Laju can keep moving forward, facing various challenges, and growing stronger – both inside and outside the workplace.


  • Made from flexible and breathable cow leather.
  • Foot-shaped toe box: The wide front accommodates the natural shape of the foot, allowing toes to spread freely.
  • Thin sole: 6 mm thickness, flat, zero drop, and flexible, to let your feet to feel and respond naturally.
  • Additional insole: 3 mm thick to assist with the transition.
  • Elastic laces: Easy to put on and take off.
  • Rubber sole: For better grip.


Care instructions: Clean with a special leather cleaning solution.


Transition with Laju Barefoot Sneakers

Transitioning to barefoot footwear takes time, allowing you to 'return' to a natural walking style. If this is your first time using barefoot shoes, try wearing them for 15-30 minutes a day and gradually increase the duration. As your feet grow stronger, you'll feel comfortable using them for longer periods and distances. Always listen to your body.