Tapak X Abenk Alter Barefoot Flip Flops - Night Spark

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Our bodies are more than just vessels. They embody reflections of our very essence. With each breath that we take, the body continually sends signals—a silent dialogue with our inner selves. 

Abenk Alter for Tapak emerges as our medium through which we articulate this message. Within every curve, line, and vibrant color of Abenk Alter's, there lies a simple yet profound message: The body is our best teacher, can we listen more to it?

Designed without a toe box, and equipped with a thin, flat, and flexible sole, alongside a strap system that holds the foot securely, Abenk Alter for Tapak barefoot sandals allow the foot to feel, respond, and reclaim its natural posture. 

As we take a path, remember that each footstep we take allows us to feel more, to pay closer attention, and to become more in tune with our surroundings and ourselves.

Then, our feet can respond by stepping naturally, spreading kindness to the body.


Material details:

Upper Materials: Strap: printed 100% polyester, Backstrap elastic: printed polyester and rubber, Woven logo: 100% cotton, Wings: vegan leather, Lock sandals: 100% polyester cord + 100% pp
Insole: rubber
Midsole: 50% eva + 30% recycled eva + 20% calcium
Outsole: rubber