“Your kid is flat feet. She needs to be corrected soon.”

We never knew that this diagnosis could lead us to this day. Our Daughter, Alicia, was diagnosed flat feet 6 years ago when she was 16 months young. She just started to walk, and we noticed that one of her feet was out-toeing when she walked. We then brought her to the doctor and was given a receipt to make a custom orthotics to correct her flat feet.

The doctor was nice, but our feeling was not. Having a doubt to buy the orthotics, we then learned, as much as we could, whether our kid really needed this thing. We then found the fact that 97% of babies below 18 months are flat feet, and by letting them barefooting as much as we could, we allow their muscles to move free and grow strong, ready to develop an arch by the time they are 5 or 6 years old.

Since then, we have been dedicating our kid’s shoes, Pyopp, to mimic being barefoot as much as possible. The journey was not easy, we got so many critics from people because the soles were too thin and they worried if the feet were not supported enough. But slowly, we got more reviews, more supports, and love from our followers that we then called Pyopple.

While learning about kids’ feet, we notice that barefooting is good for adults too. We read many people recover from heel, knee, and back pain, get less injuries, and gain more balance and strength. With strong supports from Pyopple for those five years, we then decided to create Pyopp Fledge, the barefoot footwear for adults, also first in Indonesia.

Arie & Jacq - Pyopp Founder

I and Arie too, learned a lot from this journey. Since wearing barefoot footwear, we concerned more about our own health and we got more connected to our body, our soul, the goodness of natural things, and… also to ‘certain people’: the other Barefooters.

Dr. Andy Bryant told us that Nick St. Louis from @Thefootcollective once said, “foot health is a gateway to overall health.” That when we become aware of our feet, we then become alerted to how we might improve our wellbeing in another aspects: mindfulness, food, movement, sleep, spirituality, and community.

When we meet other dedicated Barefooters, we share the same passion about the wellbeing and about life. So… welcome to Pyopp Fledge!

Where your feet could start a new journey, to return to their natural shape.

Where you could walk, run, and be free.

A place for you who love natural and simple things.

A place for you who believe that strength comes through good fight, with no shortcut.

A place for the braves, the ones with open mind, and you who always search for the better even when it is not easy.

Welcome to the family, dear Barefooters! 🖤


Arie & Jacqualine