Can People with Plantar Fasciitis wear Minimalist Footwear?

Can People with Plantar Fasciitis wear Minimalist Footwear? - Pyopp Fledge Barefoot

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia (the tissue under the foot that runs from the heel to the toe) which functions as a support for the sole of the foot and absorbs vibrations when walking. Pain in the feet (mostly in the heels or soles and can spread to other parts of the feet) is usually caused by excessive pressure on the plantar fascia and most likely to occur to those with high feet arch.

Transitioning to barefoot footwear means 'freeing' the foot, including all the muscles and tendons in it, to move. In the long term, the feet will benefit, but the transition is not always easy, especially for those with high feet arch. However, that doesn't mean you can't wear barefoot footwear. Because, going barefoot (or almost), can help increase the strength of the arch muscles and reduce the risk of Plantar fasciitis.

What really matters is not how high the arch of the foot is, but how strong the arch muscles (plantar fascia) are. Because, legs with strong muscles will be more 'painless' and more free to move. To relieve foot pain, arch support is often used in shoes. But actually this arch support actually 'traps' the arch muscles, so they can't move and thus, not working. And just like other muscles in the body, feet muscles that can't work will shrink and weaken. Making them more prone to injury and inflammation such as Plantar fasciitis.

So can people with Plantar Fasciitis wear Minimalist footwear? Yes!

Walking or running barefoot means using all the muscles and tendons of the foot, including the muscle that forms the arch of the foot (plantar fascia). If you wish to increase leg muscle strength, barefoot footwear can help. However, along with changes in footwear, it's good to have changes in walking style, posture, and running style, such as: landing the foot in the middle / front, with shorter steps, more upright posture. This will help increase the strength of the plantar fascia to absorb impact from below.

A little disclaimer! Not everyone with high arch likes trying barefoot footwear. However if you are interested in trying barefoot footwear, we recommend 3 things: 1. Study from or consult with a barefoot specialist (we recommend @andybryantpodiatrist @thegaithappens @thefootcollective) 2. Wearing barefoot footwear (like Pyopp Fledge!) 3. And start SLOWLY! Because, the barefoot lifestyle is all about feeling. Listen to your body and feet, and move at your own speed. Too much too soon is something we don't recommend.

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