Tapak Ultra Barefoot Flip-Flops - Black

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Pyopp Fledge, in collaboration with Andien Aisyah, Diego Yanuar, and Ippe, proudly presents Tapak Barefoot Running! 

A minimalist footwear designed with barefoot principles: no toe box, zero drops, thin and flexible with a more durable outsole, a water-friendly insole, and firmer foam. Equipped with Polyurethane Elastomer Technology, commonly called the CPU on the wing, which has high elasticity, abrasion resistance, and is not easily torn.

Making Tapak Barefoot Running is very suitable for activities that require more endurance, such as running on various types of surfaces—bumpy or flat, wet or dry. Also, very comfortable for everyday use!

It comes with three color choices that can easily be combined with your favorite running outfits! It makes running even more colorful and sporty! 

People with a high instep may find this product uncomfortably tight. Please consider other sandals model for individuals with high insteps.